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Acoustic Surfaces For Absorbing Sound

HushTile, Effective acoustic surface for noise reduction


HushTile is an innovative acoustic ceiling tile with a thickness of 25mm and delivers exceptional reverberated noise control, which in turn assists with BB93 compliance.

How it works: Made from 100% high density polyester, HushTile is the first choice for Acoustic Control. With its excellent sound absorption properties, HushTile is ideal for noise sensitive environments such as schools, theatres, cinemas, recording/broadcasting studios, call centers and many other areas.

HushTile comes as a standard 595mm x 595mm ceiling tile that can be installed to most types of suspended ceiling grids whether they are existing or a new installation.

HushTile comes standard in a plain white finish. Other colours are available to order.

  • Acoustic rating up to NRC 0.85.
  • Flame retardant.
  • Highly durable.
  • Recyclable & enviromentally friendly.
  • Will not absorb moisture and will not rot or break down over time
  • Assists with BB93 compliance
  • Light Reflective Value (LRV) 83%


HushTile, Noise Reduction Ceiling Tiles